The Hasselblad 202 FA is the entry model of the 200 series, which means it is equiped with manual and aperture priority automatic exposure. TTL flash is also supported. 202 FA has a focal plane curtain shutter and cannot use the traditional coppal shutter of the lens (upper level 200 models can use both). Nethertheless it is possible to use the CF lenses in the F position which desactivates the lens shutter.

The 202 FA is better used with a prism viewfinder, as in fact it is not easy to see the LCD display with the standard focusing hood.

The handling is superb as usually with any Hasselblad camera.
Technical specifications
Body Monobloc aluminium alloy with quick coupling tripod mount
Film manuel with one turn of the crank, shutter is rearmed at the same time. Can be motorised with optional winder for 1.3 image/sec.
Film Format 6x6cm and 4.5x6cm with different magazines. Choice between 120, 220, 70mm perforated or polaroid films
Shutter Curtain shutter, electronically controled. Shutter speed : B, 90s (Auto mode) to 1/1000s. Manual up to 34 mn. 1/2 value increment adjustable speed. Instant return mirror.
Exposure metering With FE lenses, wide open TTL metering. 20% selective central metering area. 0.5 to 21.5 EV for 100 ISO and f2.8. Exposure correction by +- 5EV by 1/3EV steps.
Exposure modes Aperture priority auto exposure in A and D modes. Manual exposure in M mode. Shutter speed electronically memorized.
Film speed E and TCC magazin with fata bus for ISA speed to body transmission. Manually selectable 12-6400 ISO.
Flash Sync Up to 1/90s with focal plane shutter
Flash control Dedicated TTL system with OTF metering. Compatible with SCA 390 or SCA 590. 25-1000 ISO.
Display LCD and LED on top of viewfinder. Backlight possible.
Focusing screen Acute-Matte D switchable with other Hasselblad types. Focusing hood foldable with 4x magnifier, exchangeable with 90d and 45d prisms.
Lenses Carl Zeiss lenses FE type with wide aperture and data bus contacts : 50, 80, 110, 150, 250 and 350mm. CFE 4/40, 4/120, 4/180 5.6/250 SA and 5.6/350 SA.
Program mode Pr mode permits to adjust ISO value, self timer delay and flash exposure correction .
Mecanism Front shutter release knob. Integrated selftimer with programable timer from 2 to 60s and signaling led. Double exposure mode. Mirror lockup mode.
Power 6V battery, PX28L Lithium type. Battery level indicator in viewfinder.
System compatibilty All lenses and magazines built since 1957, TCC viewfinders, winders and other accessories.
Dimensions With Zeiss Planar FE 2.8/80mm, focusing hood and E12 magazine : width 117mm, height 110mm, length 91mm
Weight With focusing hood, Planar FE 2.8/80mm and E12 magazine : 1630g.
Body 750g