Zeiss Sonnar FE 2.8/150mm

The Sonnar FE 2.8/150mm is a very good lens for people and portrait photography, especially on location.

It is a fast lens (f2.8) which adds a lot of creative possibilities for blurring out background details and get at the same time crisp details in foreground.

The focal length is a benefit for subjects in the area of travel, landscape, theatrical and sports photography.

Technical specifications
Number of Elements 5
Number of Groups 4
Max. Aperture f/2.8
Focal length 151.3 mm
Negative size 55 x 55 mm
Angular field 2w diagonal 29° side 21°
Spectral range visible spectrum
Aperture scale 2.8 - 4 - 5.6 - 8 - 11 - 16 - 22
Mount focusing mount with bayonet - coupling system for automatic diaphragm function
Filter mount bayonet for Hasselblad series 70
Weight 680 g
Focusing range infinity to 1.4m
Close-limit field size 390 mm x 390 mm
Entrance pupil position 58.9 mm behind the first lens vertex
Diameter 52.4 mm
Exit pupil position 37.1 mm in front of the last lens vertex
Diameter 38.2 mm
Position of principal planes
H 0.7 mm in front of first lens vertex
H' 79.9 mm in front of the last lens vertex
Back focal distance 71.5 mm
Distance between first and last lens vertex 80.1 mm