Zoom FE 4.8/60-120mm

This zoom lense is a very interesting as it replaces 3 fix focal lenses. The weight of the lense is quite big. The image quality delivered by this lense is exceptional at all zoom focals.

This zoom is made in Japan (Fuji design ?) but the construction quality is, like optical quality, exceptional and follows Hasselblad standards. Zoom and focus rings have excellent fluidity. The zoom is the longest at the widest focal of 60mm and shortest at 100mm.

This lens is always attached to the 202FA body. I get a better handiness of this bulky and heavy combination with the flash grip.

For lens shade, I use the Hasselblad Proshade. This shade is easily adjustable to the different focal lenghts of the zoom. I determined the optimal extension positions by reading the Hassleblad web site article "The art of avoiding flare". The result is : 60mm = CF60, 80mm=80, 100mm=F150, 120mm=OTHER.

I regularly use the Polfilter when shooting dia films. An adapter is necessary between filter and D93mm lens. The only lens shade solution to Polfilter is the Proshade. No adapter is needed in this case, Proshade clips directly to the filter.






Zoom with UV filter and mini lenshood


Proshade attached to the Polfilter



Technical specifications
Number of Elements 13
Number of Groups ?
Max. Aperture f/4.8
Focal length 60 to 120 mm
Negative size 55 x 55 mm
Angular field 2w diagonal 36° to 66°
Spectral range visible spectrum
Aperture scale 4.8 - 5.6 - 8 - 11 - 16 - 22 - 32
Mount focusing mount with bayonet - coupling system for automatic diaphragm function
Filter mount Screw diameter 93mm
Weight 1520 g
Focusing range infinity to 1.2m
Close-limit field size  
Entrance pupil position ? mm behind the first lens vertex
Diameter ? mm
Exit pupil position ? mm in front of the last lens vertex
Diameter ? mm
Position of principal planes  
H ? mm in front of first lens vertex
H' ? mm in front of the last lens vertex
Back focal distance ? mm
Distance between first and last lens vertex ? mm