Flash Grip

The Hasselblad snap-lock flash grip has been designed to facilitate rapid attachement and adjustement when using a hand-held flash unit and a Hasselblad camera with quick-coupling baseplate (current 200 and 500 camera series as well as earlier models with a quick-coupling plate S adaptor - 45148).

The ergonomically fashioned handle ensures a confortable grip for prolonged use while an adjsutable leather strap provides extra support and security. Rapid and sturdy camera connection is provided by the integral Tripod quick-coupling S. Two accessory shoes allow correct flash head angle with waist-level and eye-level camera positions. Various direct and bounce flash methods, both on and off camera, are catered for multi-angle positioning and removal of the handle. An integral cable release ensures convenient and smooth exposure action.

Remarks :

The quality of this grip is totally faithfull to Hasselblad high quality levels. The grip is also very useful without any flash, and helps to grip the camera, and to provide a good balance to prevent camera shaking when shooting at low speed.

One bad point is the Cable Release : its end is too thin and too weak; I recently just broke it when lifting the handle from the camera bag.