HP Photosmart Pro B9180, Lightroom and Mac Leopard

Bad news : I had to remake all my HP printer profiles after switching from Tiger to Leopard. The prints where too light and off the way they looked when printed with Lightroom under Tiger.

HP launched a new revision of the printer driver on 22.12.2007 which could give better results. Anyway I did reprofile […]

Leica M8 Color Calibration – New values

It is possible to calibrate Leica M8 for Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Camera Raw by using a color checker (these can be found by GretagMacBeth XRite or QPCard) and a script made for Adobe Photoshop. All the details to install and use these scripts can be found on the excellent Rags Gardner Web Site.

I […]

M8 DNG Lightroom versus Capture One 4 comparison

Here is a comparison between new CaptureOne version 4 and Lightroom 1.3.1 for M8 DNG file digital development. All pictures were taken with or without UV-IR filter, each time choosing the corresponding profile in C1.

Comparison pictures here after show LR on left side and C1 on right side.

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M8 DNG Lightroom red color correction

Using mainly Lightroom for organizing and postprocessing digital images I could realize how wrong Lightroom is with red tones. After twickling color hue, saturation and luminance cursors I could get much more realistic results.

Here is the comparison snapshot from lightroom. The picture was taken with a WATE, no UV-IR filter, Lens detection M8 option […]