Leica M at ISO3200 is equivalent to M9 at ISO1250 but…

The difference is very thin between the two cameras, and this is because M9 is already a very good camera up to ISO 1250.

I see 2 advantages of the M here:

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Leica M (type240) vs Leica M9 – Night Landscape Photos Comparison

Here is some comparison between M240 and M9 for a night photo made in Raw at ISO 200, 1250 and 3200 (2500 for M9 as it is the max).

Raw imported in LR 4.4 RC. White balanced to the same value. Some exposure decrease as photos were a little too bright. No sharpening.

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 08.23.28


Go here were I posted RAW files (better than jpeg for analysis).



Leica M (type240) vs Leica M9 – Better design and precision

Body front

  • No more viewfinder illumination window
  • New focus button
  • No more frame selection lever


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NEX 7 – A new system camera for LEICA lenses ?


Sony NEX 7 camera has already been a great success. Why? it is possible to attach nearly any kind of lens of the passed and the present to this little (very little) body. And the best is that the camera is clever enough to adjust all it’s exposure parameters depending on the quantity of light that hits the sensor. No electrical link is needed with a lens like a Leica. Control the aperture and the body will do the rest. Isn’t it cool with a lens like the new Leica Summilux 35mm f1.4?

Some great advantages:

– APS-C 1.5 ratio is not a big loss for full frame lenses

– It is a light camera, very light but VERY powerful at the same time: pixels 24Mp  sensor is 30% more than M9 camera 18Mp + definitely better in low light than a M9 !

– It has a lot a options to shoot auto or not, bringing an entirely new world of possibilities with top Leica lenses like Noctilux 0.95

– because of it’s full electronic control, the image on the EVF (the best on the market today) or on the back display shows you exactly what you will get in terms of focusing, luminosity and depth of field.

– Manual focus is easy because you view where in focus area is, due to an outline in a color that you can even choose + there is a digital magnifier that let you observe the very detail of what the picture will record.

– It is fun to shoot with! Lot of new possibilities for those old and new Leica or Leitz lenses.


Some tips:

– Choose a prime quality lens adapter. No loose attachment is permitted here to keep lens top quality.

– Take time to configure NEX 7 buttons to your taste. It is disturbing at the beginning, menu are not well organized, but once you have found your way, it is quick to change camera settings on the fly.

– Some color fringing can happen with some lenses. Solution = use a good software like Lightroom 4.1 which incorporates very efficient color aberrations correction controls.



Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for Canon EOS 1D

Here is the bracket from Arca-Swiss for large cameras like Canon EOS 1D mkIV. It is extremely convenient and get attached in a snap to the camera because of it’s included MonoballFix – Simply Awsome !

Arca-Swiss Mini L-Bracket on Leica M9

Arca-Swiss is probably the best brand in the world for ball heads and brackets or other pano devices. You cannot imagine the precision of these things before having them in your hands. I use P0 and P1 heads on Gitzo tripods. P0 is smaller than P1 and fits perfectly my Traveller Gitzo Tripod. In order to get full comfort when attaching Leica M on the tripod I use Mini L-Bracket: it is gorgeous, rock solid, tight attachement, quick shift from horizontal to vertical, with a precise and secure attachement to ball head. No other brand propose such quality in a L-Bracket !

Bonne nuit…

Mon Leica M9 se patine avec l’âge

Mon M9 prend avec l’âge cette patine sympa qui lui donne un air de Leica vintage !


Leica Noctilux-M f:0.95/50 ASPH. – Couleur

Verrière des Galeries Lafayette - Paris

Une particularité de cet objectif (et du M9) est sa capture des couleurs : elles sont franches, pures, fidèles et embellissent la scène par rapport à ce que l’oeil perçoit. Dans cette photo de verrière, les bleus jouent avec les tons rouges, roses et crème dans une harmonie agréable.

Leica Noctilux f0.95 / 50mm – Foudre sur Lausanne

Voici une photo prise le 7.7.11 à 23:18 lors d’un gigantesque orage qui s’est abattu sur la ville de Lausanne. Au plus vite je me suis empressé de visser mon M9 + Noctilux dernière génération sur un trépied pour shooter en pose longue la ville. Par chance la foudre à frappé au bon moment. Et voici la photo qui en est sortie, brute de fonderie, sans retouche.

Admirez la capacité de résolution de l’objectif à f5.6 – tout simplement impressionnant et foudroyant !

Détail du point d’impact de la foudre :