Leica M + Canon EF 300mm 1:2.8 L IS II USM

This could seem strange to mount such a beast of a lens on the new Leica M, but results are amazing and better compared to a Canon camera. Only problem is that you have no IS and no AF, and it becomes a challenge to focus right and not shake. But for landscape […]

New LEICA M vs M9 – Night picture RAW files comparison

Here are 2 night photos taken at ISO1250 with Leica M and M9 and same Summilux 35mm ASPH lens, shutter speed 2s and aperture f4. This files are Raw and are big.



New LEICA M vs M9 – Daylight picture RAW files comparison

Here are Raw files for a daylight photo I took with the same Noctilux lens on both cameras at 1/350s f8 fixed daylight white balance.


Stunning Leica lens resolution power

Here is a photo taken with the New Leica M + Summilux 35/1.4 ASPH – Look at the buildings in the background, you can even see birds flying, so many details !

Leica M at ISO3200 is equivalent to M9 at ISO1250 but…

The difference is very thin between the two cameras, and this is because M9 is already a very good camera up to ISO 1250.

I see 2 advantages of the M here:


Leica M (type240) vs Leica M9 – Night Landscape Photos Comparison

Here is some comparison between M240 and M9 for a night photo made in Raw at ISO 200, 1250 and 3200 (2500 for M9 as it is the max).

Raw imported in LR 4.4 RC. White balanced to the same value. Some exposure decrease as photos were a little too bright. No sharpening.



M9 – de nouveaux sommets de piqué et de bouquet

Voici quelques photos faites à Zürich au Leica M9 par un temps très gris et nuageux (traité avec Capture One 4.8.3 – Profil Leica M9 generic + default parameters). Les photos ne sont pas retouchées pour mieux transmettre le rendu des conditions réelles de prise de vue.

Summilux 75mm


Leica Super-Elmar M 18mm f/3.8 Asph

The LEICA SUPER-ELMAR-M 18 mm f/3.8 ASPH. features a lens element with two aspherical surfaces, ensuring outstanding optical performance across the image plane and at all f-stops. With the lens set to maximum aperture and mounted on a traditional Leica M or digital LEICA M8 model, vignetting – an effect which is inherently more prevalent […]

Aperture Lightroom Leica M8 Raw File Comparison

Here is a comparison between Aperture 1.5.4 and Lightroom 1.1 about the development in JPEG of a Leica M8 Raw File (FW 1.107) – made with a PowerMac G5.

My preference goes to Lightroom which I find more subtle, less harsh in contrast and sharpness treatment, with more realistic colors. But this is just a […]

Leica Filter E55 UV/IR black received on 14.06.07

Just received Leica Filter E55 UV/IR black, ordered back in december 2006. The other one (E60) is still not available, no date mentionned on the delivery note in the package.